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By Barry Masteller

68 pages, published 1/22/2019

A selection of paintings from Barry Masteller's Boulevard series. Essays by Marcelle Polednick and Donald Kuspit.
Barry Masteller Paintings

By Barry Masteller

42 pages, published 11/2/2018

A selection of paintings created between 2013 and 2018.
Architectural Abstraction

By Barry Masteller

78 pages, published 11/2/2018

Architectural Abstraction, a selection of paintings on paper by Barry Masteller. Created 1984 to 1988.
Insomnolence Photographs

By Barry Masteller

76 pages, published 11/6/2018

A collection of 70 digitally constructed photographs taken at night and in the early morning hours in Albuquerque, New Mexico 2017.
Gray Matter

By Barry Masteller

50 pages, published 10/19/2018

Mixed Media Black and White Paintings on paper and canvas by artist Barry Masteller 2018
Some Poetry

By Barry Masteller

46 pages, published 11/5/2018

A collection of 40 abstract mixed media collage paintings created from the New Mexico landscape by Painter Barry Masteller.
Keyah Paintings

By Barry Masteller

50 pages, published 10/26/2018

A series of abstract paintings on birch panels. Painted from the landscape in central and northern New Mexico.

By Barry Masteller

56 pages, published 11/5/2018

51 Construct Photographs created in 2017 by Painter Photographer Barry Masteller
Paintings From The Early 1980s

By Barry Masteller

54 pages, published 10/26/2018

A Collection of 50 paintings By Artist Barry Masteller Painted in the early 1980s
Chronologies 8 x10 in. Wirebound, Horizontal Book

By Barry Masteller

46 pages, published 4/30/2019

Chronologies 8x10 wirebound
High Ground

By Barry Masteller

50 pages, published 5/5/2019

High Ground

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