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Painting and Photography have a long history - but not so much together. I've questioned this for a long time. Since the creation of the first Daguerreotype in the early 19th. Century - many have said that painting is dead - its not and hasn't been. Painting and Photography have enhanced each other in ways never imagined by Louis Daguerre its inventor. Impressionism, early abstraction, cubism and surrealism all came after it and allowed painting the freedom for self expression. Likewise photographers turned from portrait to landscape and still life painting for ideas and inspiration.

Even the word photography has changed so much since Daguerre's invention. I live in the Digital age - my cameras are digital - my software is digital. I can put down my ideas quickly and move on to the next - adding and deleting along the way. Selecting an image and finally printing it is another story. This can be a long process and not unlike painting in its requirement for patience and need to not be pushed too hard. Art needs time to come alive. As a painter I've used photographs as the basis for many of my painting series especially my landscapes and cityscapes; even tearing them up and using them in collage. My recent work is all about photography and what I can conceptually do with it - especially coming at it from working decades as an artist craftsman and full-time mud wrestler.

My favorite time of day to work in the studio - painting and writing is late at night and in the early morning hours. Sometimes having insomnia can be a bonus but it wasn't always that way for me. Not until I began to explore photography. Night photography has so many things about it that fit my aesthetic - and the way to truly capture light and movement.

 Since the light is limited at that time of day and I'm using a moving hand held camera I can't expect to get a “picture.” What I get instead is an image of long exposure red, white, yellow and green light line tracings; from street lights, signals, car head and tail lights, porch lights - the reseeding and approaching sunlight for it's beautiful blues and violets and any other accidental light source that finds it's way onto the sensor of my camera. Drawing is the basis of painting and when I pick up my camera it becomes a drawing tool. Later I process the images I've taken; add and subtract - overlay with collage forms, add line and color until I have an image that satisfies and excites me. Photography is different from painting yet it shares so much of the same terrain - is an open field for ideas and my own personal expression for them - continuing my focus to understand and explore the avenues and byways of my art making process.


Insomnolence Construct Photographs

By Barry Masteller

76 pages, published 5/3/2018

A collection of 70 digitally constructed photographs taken at night and in the early morning hours in Albuquerque, New Mexico .2017
Available prints, open edition with size options.


Insomnolence Series


Insomnolence 0414B.


Insomnolence 536F.


Insomnolence 0557C.


Insomnolence 624E.


Insomnolence 0715C.


Insomnolence 0808B.


Insomnolence 0824C.


Insomnolence 4307.


Insomnolence 4307C.


Insomnolence 4326C.


Insomnolence 4330B.


Insomnolence 4330C.


Insomnolence 4332F.


Insomnolence 4332G.


Insomnolence 4834G.


Insomnolence 4837G.


Insomnolence 4842B.


Insomnolence 4846E.


Insomnolence 4847B.


Insomnolence 4850G.


Insomnolence 4851E.


Insomnolence 5011.


Insomnolence 5065D.


Insomnolence 5069C.


Insomnolence 5069D.


Insomnolence 5080.


Insomnolence 5081.


Insomnolence 5088B.


Insomnolence 5090B.


Insomnolence 5091G.


Insomnolence 5091C.


Insomnolence 5094J.


Insomnolence 5366.


Insomnolence 5364.


Insomnolence 5464D.


Insomnolence 5468F.


Insomnolence 5475E.


Insomnolence 5475J.


Insomnolence 5482F.


Insomnolence 5555B.


Insomnolence 5563D.


Insomnolence 5624B.


Insomnolence 5773E.


Insomnolence 5773i.


Insomnolence 5785B.


Insomnolence 5797D.


Insomnolence 5807C.


Insomnolence 5807G.


Insomnolence 5813C.


Insomnolence 5816C.


Insomnolence 6174.


Insomnolence 6176B.


Insomnolence 6181.


Insomnolence 6183D.


Insomnolence 6188D.


Insomnolence 6196C.


Insomnolence 6202F.


Insomnolence 6203D.


Insomnolence 6239G.


Insomnolence 5068C.


Insomnolence 5071E.


Insomnolence 5075C.


Insomnolence 5076D.


Insomnolence 5079D.


Insomnolence 5083D.


Insomnolence 5084BC.


Insomnolence 5153D.


Insomnolence 5154D.


Insomnolence 5155C.


Insomnolence 5168C.


Insomnolence 5158C.

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